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General information about the Institute of Music

The Institute of Music is one of the oldest units of the University of Zielona Góra, with a 35-year history.

Scientific and performance activities of the Institute of Music are concentrated in four divisions: Division of Music Theory, Division of Music Pedagogy, Division of Conducting and Division of Instrumental Teaching.

The staff includes: conductors, composers, nstrumentalists, singers, theorists of music, musicologists and others.

The main research directions and art activities:

  • Interpretation of choral and instrumental music
  • Contemporary music
  • Jazz and popular music
  • Polish folk music
  • Problems of voice production
  • Aspects of history of music and musical analysis
  • Music in education and in therapy

The Bachelor Studies include Music Education or Jazz and Popular Music and last three years leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The Master Studies include Music Education and last two years leading to the degree of Master of Arts. Graduates are prepared to pursue independent careers as teachers, ensemble conductors, soloists, members of instrumental or vocal ensembles, comp osers and arrangers of school, jazz and popular music.

Core subjects for students

Conducting, Score Reading, Piano Playing, Tonal Harmony, History of Music, Ear Training, Musical Analysis, Pedagogy of Music, Choir, Piano Improvisation, Introduction to Composition, and many others.

The following modules of optional subjects are also available:

  • Teacher Education
  • Jazz and Popular Music
  • Conducting vocal and vocal
  • instrumental ensembles
  • Introduction to composition and arrangement
  • New technologies in music

Correspondence address:

Instytut Muzyki
ul. Szafrana 19
65-516 Zielona Góra – Institute location in Zielona Góra

tel. +48 68 328 78 54
fax +48 68 328 78 58

ECTS information package Institute of Music 2021/22

ECTS information package Institute of Music 2017 2018

ECTS information package Institute of Music 2018 2019

Instytut Muzyki na Wydziale Artystycznym Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego

ul. prof. Zygmunta Szafrana 19

Zielona Góra



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